The Women’s Network “Equality in Decision Making” is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, and nongovernmental organization. It is the largest network of active Albanian women from all political parties, civil society, and media, established in 2008 on the initiative of a group of women who were part of the National Democratic Institute’s (NDI’s) program on ”Developing New Political Leaders – Women in Advocacy.”


The mission of the Network is to achieve gender equality in decision making, strengthen women’s role in Albania’s politics and society, improve the lives of women by electing more women to public office, and use the political process to advocate for women’s needs. The Network is dedicated to helping women build their skills in order to be effective leaders in their fields and particularly in politics, and to inspiring young women to fully participate in politics and decision making. Through various activities, the Network aims to strengthen the role of women in Albania and to promote co-operation of women running for political office, serving in public office, or working in civil society or the media.