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Participation in decision-making is a wide term that includes different meanings of direct participation of citizens in political, economic, and social life as well as in many other fields. The ideal scenariois for every actor to have a voice in decisions and that affect his or her life. For this reason, women’s involvement, even voluntarily,plays a major role in their development and emancipation, as a precondition to achieve the comprehensivedevelopment of the country.


Get involved in the activities of different organizations and institutions. Ask to participate in different sessions of the Commune or Municipality Council.  Ask for your right to information.


Organize something valuable for your community or volunteer for a common initiative of the community.


Support women and organizations that fight for gender equality. Write an opinion piece and publish it on the Virtual Platform. Write to us about problems, suggestions and different ideas, which you think can make a difference in your community, for you, women, family, and politics.


The real change starts with you!



If you would like to take part in this initiative, your financial support would help us develop and strengthen this Platform.. Your contribution would enable us to broaden the scope of ourprogress in emancipation and providing information about women’s participation.     Intesa San Paolo Bank Account no. 1055731802 IBAN AL29208110080000001055731802

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This platform aims to collect statistics regarding gender representation in decision-making and make them easily accessible to any citizen, organization, or interested institution. Also, through collecting all studies, research, and publications that have been conducted and will continue to be conducted by public and non-public bodies, we aim to create a clear view of the […]

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